Writing a Comprehensive Zoning By-law

June 08, 2023


1:00 PM (EST)

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Online Event

June 8, 2023. 1pm - 2pm Eastern Time

Location: Zoom Webinar (link provided upon registration)

Join us to  learn how to craft a comprehensive by-law and use of the member benefit Zoning Trilogy 

Zoning by-laws determine the nature, use and form of every building and property in a municipality.  Once or twice in a generation a comprehensive by-law is reviewed, rewritten or updated.  Join us for a webinar given by Dr. Zoning, Bob Lehman, on how to reimagine your comprehensive by-law.  What are the building blocks, what comes first, how do you engage your Council?  If you have specific questions please feel free to submit them in the registration process.

This webinar is presented by the globally recognized zoning resources Zoningtrilogy.com.

CIP members can benefit from a free subscription to Zoningtrilogy.com as part of their regular member benefits. Please contact membership@cip-icu.ca if you have questions about this member benefit. 



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Robert Lehman, FCIP Derek De Giovanni

Bob Lehman, FCIP is the former Chair of the College of Fellows of CIP with a 50 year career as a consultant dealing with regional planning, policy development, zoning and acting as an expert witness.  He has been part of the zoning re-write process for over 30 municipalities in three provinces including those in Ottawa, St. John, London, Regina, Oakville, Fredericton, St. Catherines, Thunder Bay and Guelph.  Bob is the author of the Zoning Trilogy an online reference source for zoning definitions, provisions and diagrams that comes free with your CIP membership.

Derek De Giovanni is a successful entrepreneur and pioneer in the online greeting card space with over 20 years of design and development experience. He founded two corporate online greeting card brands, developed an online sports league business management platform, and created an ecommerce subscription service. As a Business Technology Consultant specializing in AI Prompt Engineering, Integration, and Process Optimization, he helps businesses grow efficiently by leveraging Today’s technologies. Derek is the technology director at ZoningTrilogy.com.