Housing Data for Planners

November 30, 2023


1:00 PM (EST)

Zoom Webinar (link provided upon registration)

Housing Data for Planners

Housing is a central focus of municipal policy makers and planners, and reliable housing data is the foundation for evidence-based planning and decision-making. This webinar will introduce planners to three sources of housing data at Statistics Canada – The Canadian Housing Statistics Program (CHSP), the Canadian Housing Survey (CHS) and the Census of Population.  Presenters will provide an overview of the types of data available from each source and examples of how they can be applied to address common planning questions.

The CHSP provides comprehensive information on residential properties and their owners. It provides granular information on the properties owned, as well as characteristics of the owners. The Canadian Housing Survey (CHS) collects information about housing needs and experiences from a sample of Canadian households. Information is collected on core housing need, dwelling and neighbourhood satisfaction, housing moves, and other aspects of well-being related to housing. The Census of Population provides a long time series of local and national information on dwellings and people by their demographic, social, and economic characteristics.

These three sources of housing data complement each other and offer comprehensive information on housing in Canada. By using this data, planners can gain insights into the housing trends, needs and preferences of their residents, and the potential impacts of policy interventions.




Jerry Situ

Janette Rodewald

Zheren Hu

JERRY SITU is a chief with the Centre for Income and Socio-economic Well-being Statistics at Statistics Canada. He holds a bachelor's degree in Statistics from Carleton University and an MBA from the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. Jerry has over fifteen years of experience working with housing data. Jerry was involved in the collection, development, and analysis of housing data from the Census of Population, National Household Survey, and the Canadian Housing Survey.

JANETTE RODEWALD is a Unit Head with the Canadian Housing Statistics Program at Statistics Canada.  She joined Statistics Canada in 2022 after spending over 17 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, bringing with her a variety of experience in data and intelligence analysis, policy and legislative work, people management, and stakeholder engagement. Janette holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Dalhousie University and is based in Manitoba.   

ZHEREN HU has been an analyst with the Canadian Housing Survey (CHS) since September 2018. He has been integral in the development and dissemination of the suite of CHS products; specifically, he has worked on indicator specifications, data processing, data certification, and analysis. With this experience, he is able to inform users on the breadth and scope of the survey as well as the extent to which they can rely on the CHS for their specific data needs.

Webinar Format
Taking place from 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET, this 90-minute webinar will include a presentation followed by a Q&A session.

Presentation Language
Please note that this webinar will be delivered in English with information shared bilingually in the presentation slides. During the Q&A session, participants are encouraged to ask questions in English or French.

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